[CASE STUDY] First Home Purchase 28-year-old Young Professional


The client was a single 28-year-old female seeking to purchase her first home. Being a busy young professional, she needed a trusted advisor to provide an end-to-end service to help her find the perfect home close to work and centrally located for her social life.


Services Provided

⊕ Financial (debt) advisory and broking service

⊕ Buyer’s agent service

⊕ Project management of professional services team e.g. real estate agent, solicitor, insurance broker, financier, building and pest inspector, etc.


Finance Package

3.94% @ 90% LVR


⊕ After analysing her situation, we recommended a 90% LVR loan (inclusive of LMI) to maximise her funds but to ensure she wasn’t over-leveraging.

⊕ The banking package we organised for her was a variable rate offset package with a rate of 3.94%.

⊕ We also showed her how to maximise the use of her offset account and credit card. This debt reduction strategy means that she could potentially pay off the loan for this property in 8 years instead of 30 with no additional repayments.



Purchase price – $480,000

Comparative market analysis – $570,000

Discount achieved – $90,000


⊕ The strategy was to find a property that she would be happy to live in for at least the next 10 years but had the ability to be renovated into a larger dwelling.

⊕ Based on her budget, we recommended a shortlist of suburbs within a suitable price range located in her preferred region of the inner-Northside of Brisbane.

⊕ The property we acquired for her was locked in at $480,000, with a comparative market analysis coming in at around $570,000 (meaning she made $90,000+ in equity overnight).

⊕ The property is located in an area primed for capital growth, further enhancing her equity position over the years.

⊕ If or when she chooses to sell the property, she will not have to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on the profit because of the CGT exemption for main residences.


What This Client Said About Us

“Rushi not only helped me purchase my first home, but helped me throughout the entire process – from getting finance approval, finding and acquiring the property, to sourcing and liaising with all the professionals we needed. He found me the best loan and structured it in a way that will allow me to pay it off well before I would have otherwise. Rushi was very prompt at responding to emails or returning my calls if he wasn’t available at the time and nothing was ever too much trouble. I am very happy with the service that was provided and highly recommend Rushi to anyone looking to purchase a property. I will definitely be going back when it is time to renovate.”