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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
– Leonardo Da Vinci

How we provide value

The path for growing your business or private wealth can be a minefield. We have spent many years working with people and businesses who, due to poor advice, struggled to find a solution that makes sense for them. We created Valeo Advisory after realising that many ‘advisors’ do not take the time to understand the unique needs of each client and recommend solutions that suit themselves, not the client. We believe you deserve better.

Our methodology has been developed to achieve the best outcome for our clients through an in-depth understanding of the true drivers of their business and personal circumstances. Our broad commercial experience has allowed us to see the world from a diverse set of viewpoints, allowing us to understand what our clients truly require. We don’t sell products – we provide individually crafted solutions and ongoing support for the life of your journey.

Total Picture

A clear understanding of your current financial position and the outcomes you wish to achieve is critical to finding the right solution. Our review process will help you to achieve this by asking the right questions and assessing the relevant information.


If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. Regardless of what you want to achieve in life, it is critical to have a clear plan. We make sure that the solution we suggest aligns with your short, medium and long-term goals.


After understanding your requirements, we conduct extensive research to find the right solution for you. We pride ourselves on our breadth and depth of our knowledge. We constantly research and build relationships with key stakeholders to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Present all the Facts

After conducting the required research, we will present you with the proposal. We believe in transparency, so our comprehensive proposal will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on the best course of action. We generally present this in person to allow a detailed discussion to occur and to explain how we arrived at the proposed solution. The decision to proceed with the proposed solution is always yours and we’re happy to make adjustments where required.


The best strategy in the world is useless without execution. That is why we don’t do what most advisors do – present, get paid and run. We are committed to being your partner, meaning we will be with you for the whole journey.

Monitor and Modify

Just like your business and life, a comprehensive solution is not a static object. It needs to be fluid – adapting to the changes as you continue to grow. That is why we conduct regular reviews to ensure your solution is still the most suitable for you and is performing as required.

The stock market is a device to transfer money from the ‘impatient’ to the ‘patient’.

Warren Buffet

Our Solutions

Financial Strategy
& Debt Advisory

Whether you’re a business or a consumer, achieving long-term goals requires careful planning and precise execution. Our thorough understanding of the wide range of commercial and consumer finance products available in the market today, affords us the ability to custom-build the optimal solution for your specific needs. Poorly structured debt facilities can result in reduced profitability, increased financial risk, higher capital costs and wasted time.

We provide independent debt structuring advice, meaning we maximise your position by creating a competitive environment amongst potential lenders and negotiating the best possible pricing, terms and conditions. Our debt strategies achieve optimal financing outcomes whilst maintaining flexibility.

Real Estate

We are a buy-side specialist real estate advisory firm who provide solutions for corporate and private clients. We provide a standard of service normally restricted to high net wealth investors, covering investment advisory, transaction advisory, portfolio management and optimisation as well as financing and debt advisory. Our goal is to maximise the value of our clients’ real estate holdings, as well as to ensure their decisions can be made with confidence. We assist our clients to construct diverse portfolios through our access to, and consideration of, the full spectrum of real estate assets, including:

● Residential and commercial real estate
● Established dwellings and new developments
● On and off-market opportunities


We apply the same principles to your personal situation as we would to our business clients. By taking the time to get a true picture of your current financial position and your short and long-term goals, we provide a holistic solution for your specific situation. We have access to a wide range of products, including for:

● Property
● Vehicles
● Unsecured debt (e.g. personal loan)

Our finance broking service is run through our subsidiary, Valeo Financial, which is a licensed credit representative. You can view further information on this here.


We take the time to understand the true drivers of your business and subsequently present the ideal package to the lender. With so many lenders and products available in the market today, it is difficult for businesses to maintain an understanding of the range of options available to them and how they can be best applied to meet their strategic and operational objectives. We do this for you – maintaining a current knowledge of the different appetites, strengths and weaknesses of each lender. We also provide a single point of contact for all your finance needs and manage the relationship with the financier for you. We can build you a tailored solution including options for:

● Development
● Property
● Equipment (including vehicles)
● Office equipment (including IT)
● Unsecured debt (e.g. overdraft facility)

We also have extensive experience in capital raising for a wide variety of projects. Please contact us for more details on our Capital Raising experience.

The key to successful investing is not seeing the future with some kind of mythical vision — it is seeing the present with clarity.

Dr. David Kelly

About Us

Valeo Advisory was set up to provide a truly unique approach to advice. We help people and businesses see through the complexity and ambiguity of today’s world, helping them to achieve their goals through a true partnership – a relationship that provides holistic advice and unwavering support. Achieving success in life is part art and part science. We set up Valeo Advisory to challenge the traditional approach to personal and business advice through the application of scientific rigour to the reality of living in the grey. Valeo Advisory brings a true understanding of two of the most powerful fundamentals of life – people and numbers.

We’re a multidisciplinary team of thinkers, makers and doers whose broad range of qualifications and experience spans across the fields of business, real estate, finance, financial planning and psychological science. Over a number of years, we have built trusted partnerships with professionals who specialise in a variety of critical fields (accounting, legal, insurance, etc.) to fill in the gaps of our comprehensive approach. This mix allows us to provide a truly unique service through an in-depth understanding of our clients and stakeholders, a scientific approach to research and analysis, and an execution of the plan with sniper-like precision.

Valeo Advisory is built on our three fundamental values:


Our relationship with you is our most important asset. Our aim is to provide you with the most enjoyable experience from start to finish.


We will make the process as simple for you as possible.


We will be transparent at all stages of the process, ensuring prompt communication for your peace of mind.

The dominant determinant of real-life, long-term investment outcomes is not investment performance, it’s investor behavior.

Nick Murray

The four most dangerous words in investing: this time is different.

Sir John Templeton, billionaire, investor, philanthropist

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Far more money has been lost by investors trying to anticipate corrections, than lost in the corrections themselves.

Peter Lynch



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